Sound Words for Kids: Lessons in Theology - a reformed catechism teaching foundational questions and answers of the Christian faith.

Teach your kids the essential doctrines of the Christian faith. 

Equip your children to stand on biblical truth! In just a few minutes a day, you can prepare your child to answer for the hope that is within them.

Simple and engaging lessons follow a catechism (question and answer) format for easy learning and include devotions, a coloring page, memory verses, copywork, notebooking pages, and more

Sound Words for Kids is ideal for around grades 1st through 5th, although it can be easily adjusted for older or younger kids and is perfect for multi-level teaching. 

Available in KJV and ESV. 

"Follow the pattern of the sound words that you have heard from me, in the faith and love that are in Christ Jesus." 2 Timothy 1:13

NEW UNIT RELEASED! Teach your kids all about Christ and His work with the newly released Unit 5! Perfect addition to your Easter homeschooling plans or family devotions. 

"What I love about this curriculum is the simplicity of it all. The lessons are simple, yet biblical. The lessons do not require hours of preparation or study time from me, yet they are full of doctrine that I want my kids to know! They really teach the core of our faith so simply. The crafts are simple and quick with very few supplies, most of which I had on hand – another plus!" ~ Annette

Sound Words for Kids: Lessons in Theology

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Sound Words is based on the theology reflected in The Catechism for Boys and Girls, after the Reformed tradition. We have re-worded and organized the content in a different manner to make the overall content better fit a unit style. For more information, see the sample introduction pages

Why Teach Theology to Kids?

Sanctification, atonement, justification, the Trinity, the attributes of God… these are things that adults struggle to understand, so should we really expect kids to learn them as well?  

Much like memorizing scripture, teaching theology to children is important for several reasons:  

- For passing on the faith of the parents - An early guard against false doctrine - A part of a solid foundation in their faith - A launching pad for amazing God-centered conversations 

The truth is, kids are capable of learning much more than we often give them credit for. Begin establishing pillars of truth in their hearts and minds that will grow into a "pattern of sound words" and a lifetime of following Jesus.